The Origin of

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.” – Mary Oliver is a project of vulnerability and a yearning to resonate through words and music.

Begun in 2014, in its first two years this site served as a travel blog. That era led to writing for other publications and press trips as a travel writer while I also became self-employed. For this I am proud, but points of pride turn obsolete when our life’s purpose changes.

For two years sat dormant, until one day I wanted to reclaim the creative side I’d ignored while building a career. In January 2019 I wiped the blog clean and began again. That same month, I combed through all my poetry from teen years to present day. I saved what was good enough to keep, shredded the rest and began to share here. is a blend of poems written long ago and today. In particular, poems of grief often aren’t published until much later (sadness tends to breed very bad poetry); I often wait for an objective mindset to “edit the crazy” before letting something private become public. I revise everything endlessly. Sometimes I publish a poem, and revise it long after it has been published because I notice I might like it better another way. I share this as a consolation for aspiring writers; it can’t be said often enough that most first drafts are awful.

Recurring themes on include:

• reverence for nature
• contemplating the past
• spiritual philosophy
• death, loss, healing
• love of others and self
• music appreciation
• personal development

I hope it resonates.

Before it is too late, consider this: the all-too-late realization of what we did not do with our time. Consider the time spent not being who you are. If this goes on for too long it cannot be righted, because time cannot be rewound and life cannot be relived.

I have learned that we have limited time. I am using it now.

-Colette Kay

Instagram: @colettekaypoetry

Contact: hello [at] colettekay [dot] com

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