Hello! My name is Colette and I’m a San Diego-based writer, publicist and travel fanatic. In the spring of 2014 I quit my fancy shmancy job at a busy PR agency in Southern California, packed my downtown apartment into a 10×10 ft. storage unit and hit the open road in my trusty convertible.

Since that time I’ve traveled solo throughout the Western United States and Canada, taking in diverse landscapes and cultures as I entered the next stage of my life: entrepreneurship. This blog is the story of places I’ve been and thoughts I’ve had since going it alone – a blend of fairly accurate travel info and personal impressions.

When I’m not blogging I work remotely, now as the owner of a boutique public relations agency – a huge step up from sitting at a desk and being an employee (I hate that word). These days I do what I want, and a lot of what I want to do is travel.

And so, here we are.


I welcome ideas relevant to travel, food, culture, lifestyle, etc. In addition to running ColetteKay.com, I contribute regularly (and will pitch great ideas) to national travel website JetSet Extra and two San Diego-based publications: North Park News and San Diego Metro Magazine.

Say hello[at]colettekay[dot]com.


April 2015: Delray Beach, Florida
June 2015: Durango, Colorado
August 2015: Port Townsend, Washington
October 2015: New York, New York and Southern Maine
November 2015: Austin, Texas
December 2015: Seattle, Washington
Summer 2016: Iceland and Stockholm, Sweden



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