Destination: Great Basin Desert, Nevada

Great Basin Desert, Nevada
Car problems aside, Nevada was stunning compared to the apocalyptically barren land I’d pictured (I may have set my bars low).

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Driving Nevada’s U.S. Route 6


image_11 Are self-fulfilling prophecies real?

A last minute change in plans pointed me southwest across Nevada via US Routes 93 and 6. For the first time I was worried; the drive would be long and hot, and would lack cell service and the comforts of civilization. I worried about the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, despite it running fine up to this point.

So I worried, and 34 miles southeast of Ely on a 90-degree morning it broke down.

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One More Day

Road trip 2014

A rough sketch of the miles to come.

One more day before I begin my solo road trip across the Western United States! Somehow I’ve whittled the packing down to a trunk-size wardrobe that will carry me  through coastal, desert and mountain climates.

Trip stats:

  • 60 driving hours (without traffic, and not counting side trips such as national parks)
  • 4,000+ miles
  • 10+ cities through 7 states
  • countless small towns, national parks and side treks
  • several headaches

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