In Time for Monday

A virus takes its time
to leave (so do people)

Instruction manual:

Take pills as needed
ease what can be eased
wake up each day
the same, suffering
until one night
having gone to bed
drawn up the covers
switched off the light
noticed it didn’t
feel as terrible
as the night before
slept on that thought
woke up less dull
made tea and eggs
by noon realized
all systems clear

(February 16, 2019)


How I Am Faring

I had to count them, and in doing this realized
not one or two but several months had passed
enough in quantity that like corralled cattle
they seemed (in retrospect) so very close that
one loses count of the blur and only today
I thought about coming up on nine months

At times I have woken up bathed in loss but
I have also done what a woman who finds
herself alone for such lengths would do
which is to build a dam across a river
once rising so high it drowned the birds

Some days I am visited by butterflies but
find it best not to think of animals as signs
The only path is to accept this as-is in the
absence of hope; this mindset is workable
like a scratched but steady end table and
the blouse I wear despite its missing button

(Spring 2017)


The Burning

See the houses, burn them down;
let the ashes to charred ground.
Tear the shirt from shaking back,
take the feast but give them bread.
No more feast? We take the bread
and leave a twister in their heads
and leaves of winter falling dead
among the ashes on the ground
among the houses all burned down



With the day
at the far side
and given it
may be a while
until its return,
as much as
you’re able
to too easily
fumble toward
the soft belly
of your cave,
once ready,
another way
is to unfold
all the parts
and lift open
both eyes to
take count of
how many
are trying
to put candles
in your hands

(April 21, 2020)