La Nouveauté

For something new
for an Eastern sound
for a tree that holds its leaves
for my body to conquer its swelling belly

For my mind to conquer itself
for my hands to find new notes
for flowers of unrecognizable fragrance
unfolding before me in a meadow unexpected

For a byway, for a conversation,
for a person I also did not expect
for time to go backwards, or
for it to leap to this day next year and there we are

For animals to speak and
for ghosts to appear and to
finally catch spirits moving objects, or just
for one full day of names I have never said aloud

For those names to not recognize me
for anonymously wandering a grocery store
for lack of how have you beens and instead
new names attached to canvasses who I have not met

(June 13, 2019)


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