Destination: San Francisco’s Sutro Baths

Sutro Bath Ruins in San Francisco

Sutro Bath Ruins in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Sutro Baths are the remains of a 19th century poolhouse built into a swath of land somewhere near to where bay meets the ocean. This poolhouse was unprofitable and as a result has become an outdoor attraction drawing visitors on a daily basis.

I’ve wandered through the ruins three times. The first, during Christmas break of 7th grade. The second, during my 2011 move to San Diego, and the third: this time. For such a busy city as San Francisco is, this area is, if you can find a spot away from the tourists and you often can, a peaceful break.


The ruins back to Land’s End Trail, which runs the coastline all the way east to the Golden Gate Bridge. I have walked it twice and been very tired at the end of it both times. Most people would not be so tired, but I have a tendency for un-athleticism.

This post isn’t so much a blurb to tell you to visit the baths, though I think you should; the ruins are important to me because I have been here with my family and these things matter to me. I have been more or less alone the past four years, and then very much alone the past month of traveling on the road, and it’s nice to feel somewhere that I belong – if only because of a memory from 7th grade of when we – Dad, Mom, Sarah and I – were in one piece.

Without further ado, the Sutro Baths:












Learn more about the Sutro Bath Ruins here.


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