Stranded in Modesto, California


Car problems in Yosemite had us towed to an unplanned destination: Modesto, California.

My tow driver wouldn’t accept my offer of the rest of my pepperoni pizza, but did recount tales of his wife’s versatile wardrobe. We discussed the perils of children sitting on pavement in the sun, of which there are few, the formation of lava cliffs, and finally, he went a step too far when he tuned the station to heavy metal.

Modesto is not a hot spot for tourism, sorry to say; the locals didn’t argue with me about this. The mall (the kind you circumnavigate in a big parking lot loop aka the first dead giveaway of middle class standing) lacks a Nordstrom (second dead giveaway). With scant other ways to kill time, I stayed in bed and read the paper. Below are my top three Modesto finds. I challenge you to do better.


Number thirteen.


I feel this way, too.


Am sure that the red one toward the bottom (my top choice) would have been fun to fish out.

Learn more about Modesto, California here.



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