Destination: Salt Lake City, Utah

The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake

Mormon spotting, I called it in my mind as I was driving to Salt Lake City. I’m going Mormon spotting.

Spot I did. But first things first, driving into Salt Lake City isn’t too shabby of a drive so I’ll throw up some photos of all that hotness:

image_12 image_20 image_21 image_23

Back to the meat, and some things about Salt Lake City that you need to know in order to never feel like it’s a “must see” destination. It’s a nice, clean (maybe too clean) stopover should you be road tripping through, and there’s an abundance of gorgeous, Anglo-looking Mormon men here; alas they are, unless you’re also Mormon, more or less undateable (but nice to look at). I dug on a local market called Tony Caputo’s, and if you’re from a small town you might enjoy browsing  the city’s outdoor mall. But, Salt Lake City was just a bit too tame for this fairly social, religion-questioning twentysomething. Here’s why:

1. Nordstrom is closed on Sundays.

2. People have voluntarily graffiti’d “I love God” on the street signs where normal graffiti should be (a new level of gangsta).

3. My hotel’s front desk person, a big, manly guy about my age, shared one of his favorite songs with me; it was a church ballad (no, this would never happen in California).

4. I asked a young blonde girl at a downtown café about the bar scene and her response was, “We don’t really have that around here.”

So, that’s Salt Lake City. Seriously, take a look at this map of downtown and you’ll see there isn’t a whole lot other than a temple, a convention center and a dirty lake. My spidey senses tell me these people must derive their pleasure from outdoor activities (which there are plenty of nearby). But, for me: next.

Map of Downtown Salt Late City, Utah

Map of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City Convention Center

Salt Lake City Convention Center


The best part about Salt Lake City: this cute local market.

The best part about Salt Lake City: this cute local market.

Saved by chocolates!

Saved by sweets!

Learn more about Salt Lake City and possibly convert to Mormonism here.


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