Destination: Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake's South Shore

Mono Lake’s South Shore

As a former travel publicist, I read Travel + Leisure and a thousand other similar publications on the regular. I recall an article detailing the strangest places on earth, within it a nod to Mono Lake, an alien-esque body of water famous for its tufa towers.

Skimming the article, I thought certainly I’d like to see Mono Lake someday, but was unsure of when that would be with my busy career taking precedence. And then, like things I read, I’d forgotten it existed – until I came across it en route to Yosemite. And with that, I checked off a bucket list item purely by accident.

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Driving Nevada’s U.S. Route 6


image_11 Are self-fulfilling prophecies real?

A last minute change in plans pointed me southwest across Nevada via US Routes 93 and 6. For the first time I was worried; the drive would be long and hot, and would lack cell service and the comforts of civilization. I worried about the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, despite it running fine up to this point.

So I worried, and 34 miles southeast of Ely on a 90-degree morning it broke down.

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