Destination: Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

My pre-arrival research of Denver involved my girlfriends telling me that the city’s men are hot and many.

Menver, one of them called it.

No further research needed, I concluded.

But for whatever reason, wherever I go, just before I arrive the menfolk have a way of going into hiding. I found nothing dateable in Denver, despite my scouring (a lot of scouring).

There was one. He was seated outside a coffee shop in Capitol Hill as I walked by thinking, What a gross neighborhood this is. Am I going to be murdered?

I didn’t realize it was a coffee shop – exactly what I was looking for. Say what you will, I walked up to this gorgeous piece of man and asked, “Hi, do you know where I can find a coffee shop?”

He made a fist and banged it against the brick exterior a couple times. “Right here!”

He smiled; I saw stars.

And I felt stupid. He was handsome and older and there I was a twentysomething in jean shorts who probably looked poorer than she was and wasn’t expecting to meet this kind of man on this kind of day in this kind of neighborhood.

“This isn’t a coffee shop. It’s a hookah bar, ya?” I said. The shop also sold hookah and one way you can always increase your social status in someone’s eyes, unless they’re Persian, is by insulting hookah bars.

“It’s a coffee shop. They have coffee.”

“But it’s a hookah bar.”

“Well they have that, too.”

Pause, then cue the snobbery.

“Well I’m looking for a normal coffee shop.”

That’s where I lost him. He directed me to a “real” coffee shop that I never found, so I upgraded to a bar and drank my evening away instead. And it’s ok; I don’t hang with people who frequent hookah bars. I’m too waspy for that.

Some other super mainstream things I did in Denver:

Walked the waterfront on my way to the LoDo (Lower Downtown) District, a solidly social neighborhood of bars and restaurants that surround Coors Field. But for reals, have you ever heard a more low class-sounding stadium name than “Coors Field?” Ha, Coors.

Denver, Colorado

Mural in Denver, Colorado

A mural along the riverfront in Denver, Colorado

Drank more craft beer:

Craft beer in Denver, Colorado

A local saison. Yes, I let the foam settle before I took the pic. My bad.

Wandered around the Highlands, an up-and-coming “it” neighborhood worth a look. While here, I landed in a library  where I…wait for it…worked on this blog. Not a bad view for a library:

Library with a view in Denver Highlands. I sat here for hours eating Cadbury eggs and blogging.

Library with a view in Denver Highlands. I sat here for hours eating Cadbury eggs and blogging.

My visit wasn’t complete without a stunningly blurry iPhone shot of the city skyline:

Denver, Colorado skyline

Learn more about Denver here.


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