Destination: Santa Fe, New Mexico

image (21)

What can I say about Santa Fe that doesn’t involve crepes? It has a lot of jewelry and all that same nonsense that you’d find in Albuquerque’s Old Town, yet tenfold and much more expensive. Most of the tourists are older couples, and the concierge at La Fonda told me the median age of residents is 58. I’ve made a mental note to return when I’m old and rich and need lots of jewelry to feel pretty and hide my wrinkled décolletage.

Santa Fe also boasts the San Miguel Mission Church, the oldest church in the country having been founded in the 1600s. It’s clear that the church and its surroundings are more developed than they were some 4 centuries ago (I don’t think the indigenous people were much for gift shops) but its historical significance is an interesting bit of trivia!

San Miguel Mission Church in Santa Fe

San Miguel Mission Church in Santa Fe

The man at Santa Fe’s visitor center also directed me to the Loretto Chapel, an 1870s church that has appeared on Unsolved Mysteries (I watched this show religiously as a kid). Legend has it that the Sisters of this chapel were in need of a stairway to the loft, but no carpenter was able to construct what they needed, claiming a staircase was not feasible. On the 9th day of the Sisters’ search, a mysterious carpenter appeared and built a perfectly sound 33-step circular stairway lacking any center support (and defying laws of physics). After completing the project, the nameless carpenter disappeared forever without receiving payment.

Speaking of payment, I paid $3 to see this thing, so here are a couple images:

Loretto Chapel Loretto Chapel Loretto Chapel

A few more images of Santa Fe’s buildings, plaza and artwork and I’ve about wrapped it up for you:

image (25)

Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe Plaza

image (26)

Artwork in Burro Alley

Artwork in Burro Alley

Burro Alley

Burro Alley

Santa Fe Plaza

One of my favorite travel activities is shopping for local flavors that I can make back at home!

Learn more about Santa Fe here.


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