A Quick Story about Crepes

Santa Fe has been calling me for years. When I was in high school and college my parents would take off 6 or so weeks each year to road trip around the country in their Goldwing. One year they returned with a collection of Native American jewelry, pottery, saddle blankets and more. I loved it all, and wanted to see more and learn more about it. So, when planning this road trip I thought, I need to go through Santa Fe.

As I neared the city, Mom told me about my parents’ stay in the world famous La Fonda hotel, located on the city’s plaza. And because I love to eat, she also told me about a creperie within the hotel that she and my dad had visited during their visit in 2005. Enter: my mission to eat a crepe at this creperie and see this place through my parents’ eyes (call me sentimental).

So, this happened:

Crepes image (18) crepes2

And it was great, and I’ve never had such a large crepe. Mom, if you’re reading this I want to also let you know how much I look forward to inheriting all the Native American pottery you keep in your house. No rush, but just so you know!


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