Destination: Jerome, Arizona

Up the hill to Jerome, Arizona

And then I drove ten hours to see a small town.

Had I never met Matt, my then-23-year-old neighbor when I lived in La Jolla, I wouldn’t have known to visit this mountaintop town. One day I told him that I liked road trips, and he told me on a next day that I needed to visit Jerome.

It’s on steep hillside with amazing views, he said.

And I thought, when will I ever drive ten hours to see a small town?

Fast forward two years and there I was, ice cream cone in-hand, taking in artist gallery and gift shop after artist gallery and gift shop, and thinking that the median age for Jeromites (guessing at demonyms here…) must be about 72. All the more years to develop their artistic talents.

Art gallery in Jerome, Arizona

Art gallery after art gallery

Gift shop in Jerome, Arizona

And there was this.

I like going places that not everyone has been or frankly cares to go; Jerome fits that bill, being secondary to surrounding attractions like Sedona and the Grand Canyon. But I love an underdog, so I’ve been telling everyone back in Flagstaff about it, and every time I do I get a quizzical “what’s that?” response. They say “wow sounds cool” but I can tell nobody is exactly adding it to their itinerary.

But I did. If I could remember Matt’s last name I’d write to tell him.

Jerome, Arizona

Post-exploration, back down the hill.

See more on Jerome, Arizona here.


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