Destination: Oatman, Arizona

Oatman, Arizona

Me, hanging out with a very pregnant wild burro more interested in cribbing the boardwalk than saying hello.

In Oatman, Arizona wild but friendly burros roam the streets. Or rather, “street.” Oatman is an out-of-he-way ex-mining town with all of one way through, and it would no longer exist if it weren’t for tourism. It is tiny.

It’s a park-anywhere kind of town with a plethora of gift shops geared toward visitors. Lots of janky junk from China with a few finds in between. I counted two restaurants, no bar and no Starbucks. The U.S Post Office at the end of the town looked like it needed to be condemned (but out here people make it work).

And then there are the burros:

Burros in Oatman, Arizona

Burros in Oatman

I was leaving when I spotted this baby burro frolicking in circles at the west end of town. He (she?) ran up to me several times, stopping a few feet short and never quite letting me touch him, but getting close enough that I could read the sticker on his bushy forehead: “Stop! Do not feed me!”

Oatman, Arizona baby burro

A final observation about Oatman: Carrots aren’t allowed. The burros will aggressively flock you, biting and kicking to get to the carrots and often damaging parked cars in the process. Stick to the burro food, which can be bought for $1.00.

A few more images of Oatman, Arizona and nearby landscapes:

Oatman Arizona burro crossing

Burro crossing

The drive in to Oatman, Arizona

The drive in to Oatman, Arizona

Louis L'amour books

A lifetime supply of Louis L’amour books in an Oatman gift shop (my parents would be thrilled)

Burro cross

The “cross” found on all burros’ backs

Learn more about Oatman, Arizona at this really ugly official website here.


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