Packing: A Few Thoughts

Nobody needs this much stuff. Coco Chanel once said that when one is finished dressing they should take off one accessory – and then they’re ready to step out.

When I’m finished packing for this road trip I’m going to need an XL Hefty bag for everything headed from le trunk to le storage unit. I’ve overdone it once again – and here I thought I was on the minimalist side.

A quick thought: One thing I stand by when packing for a trip is not packing an all black wardrobe. Yes, it will all match each other, but it’s boring. Embrace color. Color makes the world happy, and it makes you more approachable to strangers. You do want to meet people while traveling, yes? Nothing wrong with an LBD or sleek black outfit (as for men, in my opinion you should never wear all black unless you’re in a suit). Just don’t let it be your only option. Especially if you have dark hair. Then you just look goth and good luck getting any dates.

Also, pack a Ziploc. You will always, always find yourself needing a Ziploc.


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